Published: 3 years ago

Where have I been?


I’m sorry to everyone for not being around on here to keep you updated. I have been away on holiday.

Before you ask yourself, “why does a dog need a holiday?” … ask yourself, “why do humans need a holiday?”. The answer is the same.

Do you know how long it takes me to type this sentence, with paws. It’s bloody exhausting work. That’s just one part of it too. I have to look up every second word in the dictionary because you humans use so many different sounds to communicate. You love over-complicating simple things don’t you? Don’t answer that, it’s a rhetorical question.

So anyway, the male human and I had a couple weeks off, without the little rugrat and the female human around … Just us boys! We did all the old things I used to love. Went to the old neighbourhood, the dog park, even spent many nights at Noel’s bar. We slept in, went to bed late and ate whatever, whenever we wanted.

It was beautiful.

This is us, getting home from a late night out


Me sleeping in, after said night out



Still sleeping, after said night out


It’s good, every once in a while to reset the batteries. Chill out, not think too much and just have fun.

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