Published: 3 years ago

He’s Gone Again


He’s done it again. Disappeared. I haven’t seen my male human for days, even weeks maybe. I dunno, seems like a lifetime. Every time I come home from a walk, I expect him to be there. I run inside looking for him because I know he likes to play silly buggers and hides behind doors and stuff. However, I still haven’t found him 🙁

I miss him so much that I’ve been sleeping in his spot on the bed.

My female human assures me he will be back soon. I tell ya what, if he’s gone back to that sunny place he goes to all the time … I think he calls it Sydney … I’m not even gonna look at him when he gets back. I’ll just ignore him … meh, who am I kidding? I’d still probably lick him to death. Sometimes I hear his voice coming through that little contraption, you humans are so obsessed with, but it’s a fleeting moment of satisfaction.

This pretty much sums everything up. There’s always a song for everything.

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